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Samar Salam is a Lebanese/American artist and muralist. Samar holds a BFA from Wayne State University with a concentration in painting. Her art work has been featured in group exhibitions and her mural work can be found around the metro Detroit area .Growing up between two vastly contrasting cities, and moving a lot is what inspired her artistic style. Surrounded by diverse historic buildings, she developed a passion for culture and design. By collaging combined imagery, she reflects on the idea of discovering beauty in abandoned and unfamiliar places. Much of her artwork is influenced by vibrant colors and textiles, as well as her personal connection
to nature.

Artist Statement

My artwork often portrays bold, and complex architecture combined with vibrant patterns. By painting such contrast imagery, I create a blooming and lively environment for these neglected spaces. The abandoned homes and structures in my paintings are meant to portray  the nature of time and mortality , while the vigorous backgrounds represent a life of hope and existence, even after despair.
I have
 always been drawn to surface design found in  home accents. In my work I use floral motifs, and patterns inspired by textile, such as curtains, wallpaper, etc.. Inspired by decorative designs and the notion of home, My paintings trigger feelings of security and comfort even in the darkest places.  

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